Multiply-Labeled Compounds

ICON provides the largest range of multiply-labeled compounds available anywhere. If you
should have any requirements not covered by our catalogued materials, you need only inquire.

Cat.No. Compound Formula Atom % Std Pkg Size
IM6502 Acetic Acid-1,2-12C2;d4 CD3CO2D 99.9:98 0.5g
IM6503 Acetic Acid-1-13C;d4 CD3CO2D 99:98 0.5g
IM6504 Acetic Acid-2-13C;d4 CD3CO2D 99:98 0.5g
IM6505 Acetone-1,3-13C2;d6 CD3COCD3 99:98 0.5g
IM6506 Acetone-1,2,3-12C3;d6 CD3COCD3 99.9:98 0.25g
IM6510 Acetonitrile-1,2-12C;d3 CD3CN 99.9:98 0.5g
IM6511 Acetonitrile-15N;d3 CD3CN 99:98 0.5g
IM6512 Acetonitrile-1-13C;d3 CD3CN 99:98 0.5g
IM6520 DL-Alanine-15N;18O CH3CH(NH2)CO2H 99:98 0.25g
IM6521 L-Alanine-3-13C;3,3,3-d3 CD3CH(NH2)COOH 99:98 0.5g
IM6522 L-Alanine-1,2,3-13C3; 15N CH3CH2(NH2)COOH 99:99 request price
IM6525 Ammonia-15N;d3 ND3 99:98 100ml
IM6530 Ammonium Chloride-15N;d4 ND4Cl 99:98 1.0g
IM6536 Ammonium Sulfate-15N2;d8 (ND4)2SO4 99:98 1.0g
IM6540 Bromoethane-1,2-12C2;d5 CD3CD2Br 99.9:98 1.0g
IM6542 3-Bromopropionic Acid-1-13C;d4 BrCD2CD2COOH 99:98 1.0g
IM6545 *Carbon Dioxide-12C;17O CO2 99.9:30* 100ml / 250ml
IM6546 Carbon Dioxide-12C;18O CO2 99.9:98 100ml
IM6547 *Carbon Dioxide-13C; 17O CO2 99:35* request price
IM6548 Carbon Dioxide-13C;18O CO2 99:98 100ml
IM6550 *Carbon Monoxide-12C; 17O CO 99.9:30* 100ml
IM6551 Carbon Monoxide-12C;18O CO 99.9:98 100ml
IM6552 Carbon Monoxide-13C;18O CO 99:98 100ml / 250ml
IM6553 Creatine-1-15N;d3 (N-methyl-d3) H2NC(NH)N(CD3)CH2CO2H 99:98 1.0g
IM6554 Creatine-2-13C;2,3-15N2 H2NC(NH)N(CD3)CH2CO2H 99:99 1.0g
IM6555 Cuprous Cyanide-13C;15N CuCN 99:99 0.5g
IM6560 Cyanamide-13C;15N2 NCNH2 99:99 1.0g
IM6562 L-Cysteine-U-13C;15N HSCH2CH(NH2)COOH 99:99 0.1g
IM6565 Deuterium Oxide-17O;d D2O 20:Various 1.0g
IM6570 1,2-Dibromoethane-1,2-12C2;d4 BrCD2CD2Br 99.9:98 1.0g
IM6580 Ethylene-1,2-13C2;d4 Oxide CD2CD2O 99:98 100ml
IM6600 Fluoromethane-13C;d3 CD3F 99.98 100ml
IM6602 FMOC-Glycine-2-13C;15N FMOC-NHCH2CO2H 99:99 1.0g
IM6605 Formamide-13C;15N HCONH2 99:99 0.25g
IM6606 Formamidine Acetate-13C;15N2 HC(NH)NH2·CH3COOH 99:99 1.0g
IM6610 Formic Acid-13C;OD HCOOD 99:98 0.5g
IM6611 Formic Acid-12C;d DCOOH 99:98 0.5g
IM6614 L-Glutamine-U-13C5;U-15N2 H2NCO(CH2)2CH(NH2)CO2H 99:99 0.5g
IM6615 Glycine-1-13C;15N NH2CH2CO2H 99:99 0.5g
IM6616 Glycine-2-13C;15N NH2CH2CO2H 99:99 low
IM6617 Glycine-1,2-13C2;15N NH2CH2CO2H 99:99 request price
IM6619 Guanidinium Bromide-13C;15N3 H2NC(NH)NH2·HBr 99:99 1.0g
IM6629 L-Histidine-U-13C6;
98:98 request price
IM6630 DL-Histidine-2-13C;3,3-d2 99:98 request price
IM6685 Lithium-6Li Nitride-15N 6Li315N 96:99 0.5g
IM6720 Methane-13C; d1 CH3D 99:98 100ml
IM6721 Methane-13C; d4 CD4 99:98 100ml
IM6725 L-Methionine (methy-13C; d3) CD3S(CH2)2CH(NH2)CO2H 99:98 1.0g
IM6726 L-Methionine-U-13C6; 15N CH3S(CH2)2CH(NH2)CO2H 98:98 1.0g
IM6730 Methyl Alcohol-13C; d4 CD3OD 99:98 1.0g
IM6731 Methyl Alcohol-18O; d3 CD3OH 98:98 request price
IM6735 Methyl-d3 Amine-15N·HCl CD3NH2·HCl 98:99 0.5g
IM6740 Methyl Iodide-12C; d3 CD3I 99.9:98 5.0g
IM6741 Methyl Iodide-13C; d3 CD3I 99:98 2.0g
IM6748 Nitric Oxide-15N; 18O NO 99:60 100ml
IM6775 Paraformaldehyde-13C; d2 (CD2O)x 99:98 0.5g
IM6780 DL-Phenylalanine-1-13C; 15N C6H5CH2CH(NH2)CO2H 99:99 request price
IM6783 Potassium Carbonate-13C; 18O3 K2CO3 99:98 request price
IM6785 Potassium Cyanide-13C; 15N KCN 99:99 0.5g
IM6788 Potassium Nitrate-15N; 18O3 KNO3 99:98 request price
IM6790 L-Proline-U-13C6; 15N 98 :98 request price
IM6830 L-Serine-U-13C3; 15N HOCH2CH(NH2)COOH 98:98 0.5g
IM6845 Sodium Acetate-1-13C; d3 CD3CO2Na 99:98 1.0g
IM6846 Sodium Acetate-2-13C; d3 CD3CO2Na 99:98 1.0g
IM6850 Sodium Cyanide-13C; 15N NaCN 99:99 0.5g
IM6855 Sodium Nitrate-15N; 18O NaNO3 99:98 0.5g
IM6856 Sodium Nitrite-15N; 18O NaNO2 99:90 0.5g
IM6860 Sodium Propionate-1-13C; 18O2 CH3CH2COONa 99:98 request price
IM6862 Sodium Sulfate-34S; 18O Na2SO4 0.5g
IM6868 Thiourea-13C; 15N2 NH2CSNH2 99:99 0.5g
IM6870 L-Threonine-U-13C4; 15N CH3CH(OH)CH(NH2)COOH 98:98 0.5g
IM6873 2,4,6-Trinitrotoluene-U-13C7;


CH3C6H2(NO2)3 99:99 request price
IM6875 L-Tryptophan-U-13C11; U-15N2 (C8H6N)CH2CH(NH2)CO2H 98:98 0.5g
IM6878 Urea-12C; d4 ND2COND2 99.9:98 0.5g
IM6879 Urea-13C; d4 ND2COND2 99:98 0.5g
IM6880 Urea-13C; 15N2 NH2CONH2 99:99 0.5g
IM6881 Urea-13C; d4; 15N2 ND2COND2 99:98:99 request price
IM6900 L-Valine-1-13C; 15N (CH3)2CHCH(NH2)COOH 99:99 0.25g

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