Stable Isotopes and Labeled Compounds  

Packaging and Shipping


  1. Non-corrosive Gas
  2. Corrosive Gas, Carbon Steel Cylinder
  3. Corrosive Gas, Stainless Cylinder
  4. Breakseal
  5. Ampule
  6. Breakseal Ampule
  7. Vial
  8. Heavy Glass Bottle
  9. Polyethylene Bottle
  1. Non-restricted Chemicals
  2. Restricted Chemicals
  3. Common Carrier (Truck)

Packaging Options and Specifics:

  1. Carbon steel cylinder measuring 1-15/16" x 11-7/8" with an internal capacity of 420ml, DOT rating 3E1800. Brass valve. The non-corrosive gases cylinder outlet is a CGA 170 (additional charge) illustrated below.

    CGA-170 Specifications: 9/16" - 18 R.H. outlet,
    5/16" - 32 RH internal connection. Washer required on flat seat.

  2. Carbon steel cylinder measuring 1-15/16" x 11-7/8", with an internal capacity of 420ml, DOT rating 3E1800. Steel valve. Corrosive gases cylinder outlet is CGA 110 (additional charge) illustrated below.

    CGA-110 Specifications: 5/16" - 32 R.H. Internal
    Outlet. Washer required on flat seat.

  3. Stainless steel (304) cylinder 1-1/2" x 4-5/8" with an internal capacity of 75ml. DOT rating 3E1800. Stainless steel valve, with a 1/4 NPT male outlet. Cylinders with internal capacities of 150, 300, 500 & 1000ml are also available (additional charge).

  4. Breakseals are manufactured to our specifications and include a strengthened outlet tube. Specifications are:

    Breakseal Sizes 100ml 250ml 1000ml
    Overall length 27cm 30cm 36cm
    Outlet Size O.D. 10mm 10mm 13mm
    Outlet Wall Thickness 1.5mm 1.5mm 1.5mm

  5. Specially constructed ampules are used to minimize breakage losses in handling and transportation.

  6. A sealed heavy Borosilicate glass breakseal ampule is used with a protective cardboard sleeve.

  7. Vials with a screen cap or a straight sided shell, with a 1-piece polyethylene stopper. A celon seal secures both containers.

  8. Heavy glass bottle clear or amber, with a screen cap and a polyseal plastic liner. A celon secures both containers.

  9. Nalgene® - round, conventional polyethylene bottles, with polypropylene screen closures in various sizes, sealed with a celon.
     * (Nalgene ® is a registered trademark of the Nalge Company)


This order is
same day received

Unless a specific method of shipment is requested, most of our shipments are handled by UPS or Fedex who pick up at our facilities daily. UPS Freight Services offered are: Ground, Overnight Air, or 2nd-Day Air, depending upon the nature of the product/s ordered.

  1. Non-restricted Chemicals can be shipper by any of these methods.

  2. Restricted Chemicals are shipped via UPS or Fedex assuming that the specific product is acceptable.

    NOTE: Certain Poison-B chemicals, such as Potassium & Sodium Cyanide are accepted by UPS, assuming the mandatory DOT labelling and packaging.

  3. Common Carrier (Truck): any materials that are restricted by UPS will be shipped via Common Carrier. The NY/NJ area is serviced by most regional and national carriers, and usually, prompt consignment can be made of these materials.

  4. WARNING: whichever form of transportation is requested, Icon will be guided primarily by regulations imposed by any or all of the following agencies and authorities

    DOT - Department of Transportation
    IATA - International Air Transport Association
    ICC - Interstate Commerce Commission
    USPS - United States Postal Service

    Any constraints imposed by these agencies and authorities will be communicated to the respective Client promptly, with the specific details, if the Client's shipping specifications cannot be followed for any reason.


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