Stable Isotopes and Labeled Compounds  

General Information

We are proud of the qualifications of Icon's staff, which gives us extensive experience and expertise in synthetics, with more than 40 years exclusively in stable isotopes. Synthetic timeframes and potential capability of synthesis quotations are based on experience which is utilized to temper references in literature.

Icon has been formed exclusively to service researcher requirements for compounds labeled with stable isotopes. Our facilities are totally dedicated to stable isotope production and synthesis. Radioisotope work is not solicited or undertaken, thus we can guarantee that materials shipped will not have been subjected to radiation exposure in synthesis or during packaging.

Quality -- Each batch of raw Isotope material is checked to ensure that it meets our rigid specifications. Synthetic work is often performed in dedicated vessels and holding cylinders to avoid even trace contamination. Each isotope product may include all or some of the following: boiling point, melting point, infra-red, mass spectroscopy, GC/MS, proton NMR, GC, TLC, HPLC, atomic absorption, and optical rotation to ensure that you are receiving a quality product. Packaging materials are often made to our own specifications to ensure ease of use and to minimize losses in handling and during transportation.

Delivery -- All of our synthetic work is done in the continental USA and requirements for expedited delivery of Icon products can be handled promptly.

Non-Catalog Items -- At Icon, we welcome the opportunity to provide special quotes on any item not listed in our catalog or for specific requirements that you may have.

Service -- Our company is dedicated to meeting the special needs of researchers. We are willing to accommodate most special situations as they arise.

Quantity Requirements -- If less than the catalog quantity of a product is required, and the material is in stock, it is our policy to always try and meet our customers' requirements, whatever they may be, and whenever it is possible.

Special Packaging -- Icon's reputation for accommodation, quality, and service extends to meeting customized and specialty packaging requirements whenever possible.


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