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Stable Isotopes produced in the US

We are proud to bring the extensive synthetic experience of the Berry & Associates team to the stable isotope arena.

Icon was formed exclusively to service researcher requirements for compounds labeled with stable isotopes. Similarly, at Berry & Associates, our facilities are totally dedicated to stable isotope production and synthesis. Radioisotope work is not solicited or undertaken, thus we can guarantee that materials shipped will not have been exposed to radio isotopes in synthesis or during packaging.

All of our synthetic work is done in the continental USA.  Icon's reputation for quality and service is amongst the best in the industry!


Icon Isotopes : Stable Isotopes and Labeled Compounds

We are proud to bring the extensive synthetic experience of the Berry & Associates team to the stable isotope arena.

Icon was formed exclusively to service researcher requirements for compounds labeled with stable isotopes. Similarly, at Berry & Associates, our facilities are totally dedicated to stable isotope production and synthesis. Radioisotope work is not solicited or undertaken, thus we can guarantee that materials shipped will not have been exposed to radio isotopes in synthesis or during packaging.

Quality -- Each batch of raw Isotope material is checked to ensure that it meets our rigid specifications. Synthetic work is often performed in dedicated vessels and holding cylinders to avoid even trace contamination. Each isotope product may include all or some of the following: boiling point, melting point, infra-red, mass spectroscopy, GC/MS, proton NMR, GC, TLC, HPLC, atomic absorption, and optical rotation to ensure that you are receiving a quality product. Packaging materials are often made to our own specifications to ensure ease of use and to minimize losses in handling and during transportation.

Delivery -- All of our synthetic work is done in the continental USA and requirements for expedited delivery of Icon products can be handled promptly.

Non-Catalog Items -- At Icon, we welcome the opportunity to provide special quotes on any item not listed in our catalog or for specific requirements that you may have.

Service -- Our company is dedicated to meeting the special needs of researchers. When possible, we are willing to accommodate special situations as they arise.

Special Packaging -- Icon's reputation for accommodation, quality, and service extends to meeting customized and specialty packaging requirements whenever possible.



Icon Isotopes : Stable Isotopes Ordering Information



Because of the similarity in compounds which may be labeled in different
positions or isotopes, we require the following information:

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* Confirmation Purchase Orders are only required for orders in excess of $500
(Please be sure that they are clearly marked "CONFIRMATION" to avoid duplication).


Countries in which we have no representation will require a proforma invoice.
Upon payment, the order will be shipped as indicated. If you have established an
account that is current with us, the normal terms and conditions will apply.



Icon Isotopes : Product Catalog

Product Catalog

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  Bromine-79 & 81 Compounds   Chlorine-35 & 37 Compounds
Carbon-12 Compounds Carbon-13 Compounds
Carbon-12 enriched Deuterated Solvents Deuterium Compounds
Deuterium Solvents Labeled Gases and Mixtures
Lithium 6 & 7 Compounds Multiply-Labeled Compounds
Nitrogen-15 Compounds Noble Gas Isotopes
Oxygen-16 Compounds Oxygen-17 Compounds
Oxygen-18 Compounds Sulfur-34 Compounds

Nitrogen-15 in Agronomic applications

At Icon, we welcome the opportunity to provide special quotes on any item not listed in our catalog or for specific requirements that you may have.



Icon Isotopes : Bromine 79 & 81 Compounds

Bromine 79 & 81 Compounds

(natural abundance 50.54% and 49.46%)

Bromine labeled compounds are currently being used in
the life sciences, environmental and ecology studies as tracers.

Cat.No. Compound Formula Atom % Std Pkg Size
IB 7605
Ammonium bromide NH4Br 90 request
IB 7620
Calcium bromide CaBr2 90 request
IB 7650
Hydrogen bromide HBr 90 request



Icon Isotopes : Chlorine-35 & 37

Chlorine 35 & 37 Compounds

Chlorine labeled compounds are being used in studies of herbicidal and
insecticidal effects on life forms, as well as water, air, and soils.

Cat.No. Compound Formula Atom % Std Pkg Size
Chlorine 35 (natural abundance 75.53%)
IK 7320 Carbon Tetrachloride CCl4 99 0.5g
IK 7322 Chlorine (gas) Cl2 99 100ml / 250ml
IK 7350 Hydrogen chloride HCl 99 100ml / 250ml
IK 7375 Lithium chloride LiCl 99 0.5g
IK 7400 Potassium chloride KCl 99 0.5g
IK 7425 Sodium chloride NaCl 99 Request
IK 7430 Sodium perchlorate NaClO4 99 0.5g
Chlorine 37 (natural abundance 24.47%)
IK 7470 Chlorine (gas) Cl2 95 Request
IK 7500 Hydrogen chloride HCl 95 Request
IK 7525 Lithium chloride LiCl 95 Request
IK 7540 Potassium chloride KCl 95 Request
IK 7555 Sodium chloride NaCl 95 Request




Icon Isotopes : Carbon-12 Compounds

Carbon-12 Compounds

(natural abundance 98.892%)

Stable isotope starting materials are normally produced by separation of the naturally occuring element. Carbon monoxide is usually the choice when isolating carbon-12. The carbon-13 is reduced to 5% of its natural abundance (down to 0.05%). Commonly used in organic reaction mechanisms work and similar studies when carbon-12 can act as a "negative label."

Cat.No. Compound Formula Atom % Std Pkg Size
IC 2635 Carbon Amorphous-12C C 99.9 1.0g

* These Compounds are also available multiply-labeled.



Icon Isotopes : Carbon-13 Compounds

Carbon 13 Compounds

(natural abundance 1.108%)

Carbon-13 is normally produced by separation of the naturally occuring element. Carbon monoxide is usually the choice when isolating Carbon-13. Compounds are synthesized from 99atom% minimum material, however, slight dilution of enrichment may occur in multi-step synthesis and in compounds labeled in two positions when statistically each will contain 98% carbon-13. This catalog offers each compound at the highest enrichment possible. Should your research require a lesser enrichment, please request a custom quotation that we will conform to your specific needs.

Cat.No. Compound Formula Atom % Std Pkg Size
IC 3008 *Acetic Acid-1-13C CH3COOH 99 1.0g
IC 3009 *Acetic Acid-2-13C CH3COOH 99 1.0g
IC 3020 Acetone-2-13C CH3COCH3 99 Request
IC 3021 Acetone-1,3-13C2 CH3COCH3 99 Request
IC 3022 *Acetone-1,2,3-13C3 CH3COCH3 99 Request
IC 3025 *Acetonitrile-1-13C CH3CN 99 Request
IC 3042 Acetyl Chloride-1,2-13C2 CH3COCl 99 0.5g
IC 9250 4-Aminobutyric Acid-1-13C H2NCH2CH2CH2COOH 99 1.0g
IC 3071 D-Arabinose-2-13C CH2OH(CHOH)2CHOHCHO 99 0.25g
IC 9250 4-Aminobutyric Acid-1-13C H2NCH2CH2CH2COOH 99 1.0g
IC 3080 Barium Carbonate-13C BaCO3 99 5.0g  / 10.0g
IC 3089 Benzoic Acid-13C6 (Ring labled) C6H5COOH 99 0.5g
IC 3097 Benzyl Chloride-7-13C C6H5CH2Cl 99 request
IC 3155 Carbon-13 (Activated) C 99 0.25g / 1.0g
IC 3157 Carbon Dioxide-13C
(contain apprex. 5% 18O)
CO2 99 100ml / 250ml
IC 3158 *Carbon Dioxide-13C
(contain apprex. 1.5% 18O)
CO2 99 100ml / 250ml 
IC 3164 *Carbon Monoxide-13C
(contain apprex. <1% 18O)
CO 99 100ml / 250ml
IC 3168 Carbon Tetrachloride-13C CCl4 99 1.0g
IC 3186 Chloroform-13C CHCl3 99 0.5g
IC 3195 Choline Chloride-1,2-13C2 99 0.25g
IC 3228 L-Cystine-1,1’-13C2 99 1.0g
IC 3240 Dichloromethane-13C CH2Cl2 99 0.5g
IC 3255 Dimethyl Formamide-carbonyl-13C HCON(CH3)2 99 0.5g
IC 3306 Ethane-1,2-13C2 CH3CH3 99 100ml
IC 3322 Ethyl Alcohol-1,2-13C2 CH3CH2OH 99 0.5g
IC 3430 Formaldehyde-13C (20% Aqueous) CH2O 99 0.5g / 1.0g
IC 3532 D-Glucose-U-13C6 C6H12O6 99 0.1g
IC 3540 DL-Glutamic Acid-1-13C HOOC(CH2)2CH(NH2)COOH 99 0.5g
IC 3546 L-Glutamic Acid-13C HOOC(CH2)2CH(NH2)COOH 99 0.1g
IC 3557 Glycerol-1,2,3-13C3 HOCH2CH(OH)CH2OH 99 1.0g
IC 3562 *Glycine-1,2-13C2 H2NCH2COOH 99 1.0g
IC 3630 Hexanoic Acid-1,2-13C
(Caproic Acid)
CH3(CH2)3(CH2)COOH 99 1.0g
IC3639 L-Histidine-1-13C 99 0.5g
IC 3711 L-Isoleucine-1-13C C2H5CH(CH3)-CHNH2COOH 99 request price
IC 3902 Lactic Acid-U-13C3 Sodium Salt CH3CH(OH)COONa 99 1.0g
IC 3931 L-Lysine-1-13C·HCl H2N(CH2)4CH(NH2)COOH·HCl 99 0.25g
IC 3981 Malonic Acid-2-13C HO2CCH2CO2H 99 0.5g
IC 3983 Malonic Acid-1,3-13C2 HOOCCH2COOH 99 0.5g
IC 4000 *Methane-13C CH4 99  100ml / 250ml / 1000ml
IC 4008 L-Methionine-2-13C CH3SCH2CH2CH(NH2)COOH 99 1.0g
IC 4015 Methyl Alcohol-13C CH3OH 99 0.5g / 1.0g
IC 4285 Oxalic Acid-1,2-13C2 (dihydrate) (COOH)2·2H2O 99 0.5g
IC4314 Phenol-ring-1-13C 99 0.5g
IC 4315 Phenol-U-13C6 C6H5OH 99 0.1g
IC 4317 Pentanoic Acid-1-13C CH3(CH2)3COOH 99 1.0g
IC 4330 L-Phenylalanine-ring-13C6 C6H5CH2CH(NH2)COOH 99 0.5g
IC 9350 Potassium Bicarbonate-13C KHCO3 99 1.0g
IC 4348 Potassium Cyanate-13C KOCN 99 0.5g
IC 4350 *Potassium Cyanide-13C KCN 99 1.0g
IC 4355 Potassium Thiocyanate-13C KCNS 99 0.5g
IC 4360 Propane-2-13C CH3CH2CH3 99 100ml
IC 4605 Salicylic Acid-carboxyl-13C HOC6H5COOH 99 0.25g
IC 4615 DL-Serine-1-13C HOCH2CH(NH2)COOH 99 0.5g
IC 4628 Sodium Bicarbonate-13C NaHCO3 99 2.0g
IC 4636 Sodium Carbonate-13C Na2CO3 99 1.0g
IC 4660 Sodium Oxalate-13C2 (COONa)2 99 1.0g
IC 4664 Sodium Propionate-3-13C CH3CH2COONa 99 1.0g
IC 4675 Succinic Acid-2,3-13C2 HO2CCH2CH2CO2H 99 1.0g
IC 4676 Succinic Acid-1,4-13C2 HOOC(CH2)2COOH 99 1.0g
IC 4682 Thiourea-13C CS(NH2)2 99 0.5g
IC 4697 Trichloroacetic Acid-1,2-13C2 Cl3CCOOH 99 1.0g
IC 4710 L-Tryptophan-1-13C 99 request price
IC 4714 L-Tryptophan-indole-2-13C 99 request price
IC 4747 L-Tyrosine-carboxy13C HOC6H4CH2CH(NH2)COOH 99 request price
IC 4760 *Urea-13C H2NCONH2 99 0.5g / 1.0g

* These Compounds are also available multiply-labeled.



Icon Isotopes : Carbon-12 Enriched Deuterated Solvents

Carbon-12 Enriched Deuterated Solvents

Commonly used when natural abundance Carbon-13 peaks interfere with the spectrum of the material being studied. Carbon-12 solvents (depleted in Carbon-13) eliminate this problem.

Cat.No. Compound Formula Atom % Std Pkg Size
IC 2505 Acetic Acid-1,2-12C2,d4 CD3COOD 99.9:98 1.0g
IC 2510 Acetonitrile-1,2-12C3,d3 CD3CN 99.9:98 0.5g
IC 2520 Chloroform-12C,d CDCl3 99.9:98 request
IC 2530 Dimethyl Sulphoxide-12C2,d6 (CD3)2SO 99.9:98 1.0g
IC 2570 Methyl Alcohol-12C,d4 CD3OD 99.9:98 5.0g




Icon Isotopes : Deuterium Compounds

Deuterium Compounds

Cat.No. Compound Formula Atom % Std Pkg Size
ID 1001 98 10mg/ 5mg
ID 1125 Deuterium Gas D2 99.5 25L / 50L
ID 1127 Deuterium Hydride DH 98 1000ml / 5L
ID 1130 Deuterium Peroxide (30% in D2O ) D2O2 98 5.0g / 10.0g
ID 1141 Diethyl Phthalate-3,4,5,6-d4 98 10.0g
ID 1190 Formaldehyde-d2 CD2O 98 5.0g
ID 1195 Formic Acid-d2 DCOOD 99 5.0g
ID 1513 *Methane-d4 CD4O 99 1000ml
ID 1780 Sodium Deuteroxide
(40% solution in D2O)
NaOD 99 100.0g

* These Compounds are also available multiply-labeled.



Icon Isotopes : Deuterium Solvents

Deuterium Solvents

Cat.No. Compound Formula Atom % Std Pkg Size
ID 2084 **Deuterium Oxide D2O 99.8 100.0g / 1000.0g

* These Compounds are also available multiply-labeled.
** Low enriched material available, request price.



Icon Isotopes : Labeled Gases & Mixtures

Labeled Gases & Mixtures

Icon supplies over 30 labeled gases. This range is expanded to more than 80 - considering the labeling combinations. For example, there are seven isotopes of carbon monoxide available with mass numbers ranging from 28 to 31.

Gases are packaged in breakseals at atmospheric pressure, or compressed into cylinders of varying sizes and construction (see packaging specifics).

Icon's capable expertise in stable isotopes and extensive experience with gas mixing technology gives us a unique advantage when supplying your requirements or advising you concerning any special applications you may have in mind.

Ammonia-d3 Hydrogen bromide-79Br
Ammonia-15N Hydrogen bromide-81Br
Ammonia-15N,d3 Hydrogen chloride-35Cl
Bromine gas-79Br Hydrogen chloride-37Cl
Bromine gas-81Br Methane-d1
Carbon dioxide-12C Methane-d2
Carbon dioxide-12C,17O2 Methane-d3
Carbon dioxide-12C,18O2 Methane-d4
Carbon dioxide-13C Methane-13C
Carbon dioxide-13C,18O2 Methyl chloride-13C
Carbon dioxide-17O2 Methyl chloride-35Cl
Carbon dioxide-18O2 Methyl chloride-37Cl
Carbon monoxide-12C Methyl fluoride-d3
Carbon monoxide-12C,17O Methyl fluoride-13C
Carbon monoxide-12C,18O Methylene fluoride-d2
Carbon monoxide-13C Methylene fluoride-13C
Carbon monoxide-13C,18O Neon-20Ne
Carbon monoxide-17O Neon-21Ne
Carbon monoxide-18O Neon-22Ne
Carbonyl chloride-13C Nitric oxide-15N
Carbonyl sulfide-13C Nitrogen-15N1
Carbonyl sulfide-13C,18O Nitrogen-15N2
Carbonyl sulfide-18O Nitrogen dioxide-15N
Carbonyl sulfide-17O Nitrogen-15N, Oxygen-18O
Carbonyl sulfide-34S Nitrogen, Oxygen-18O
Chlorine-35Cl Nitrous oxide-15N1
Chlorine-37Cl Nitrous oxide-15N2
Deuterium Nitrous oxide-18O
Deuterium bromide-d1 anhydrous Oxygen-16O
Deuterium chloride Oxygen-17O
Deuterium iodide Oxygen-18O
Ethane-1,2-d2 Phosgene-13C
Ethane-d1 Phosgene-18O
Ethane-1,1,1-d3 Phosgene-17O
Ethane-1,1,2,2-d4 Propane-d8
Ethane-d5 Propylene-3,3,3-d3
Ethane-d6 Propylene-d6
Ethylene-1,2-d2 (cis) Sulfur dioxide-18O
Ethylene-1,2-d2 (trans) Sulfur dioxide-34S



Icon Isotopes : Lithium 6 & 7 Compounds

Lithium 6 & 7 Compounds

(natural abundance 7.42% and 92.58%)

The lithium 6 compounds listed are also available as the lithium 7 isotope
(99% enriched) whose natural abundance is 92.58% with a nuclear spin of 3/2.

Cat.No. Compound Formula Atom % Std Pkg Size
IL 8800 Lithium-6Li Acetate CH3COOLi 95 request
IL 8805 Lithium-6Li Bromide LiBr 95 request
IL 8810 Lithium-6Li Carbonate Li2CO3 95 request
IL 8815 Lithium-6Li Chloride LiCl 95 request
IL 8820 Lithium-6Li Fluoride LiF 95 request
IL 8825 Lithium-6Li Formate HCOOLi 95 request
IL 8830 Lithium-6Li Hydroxide
LiOH ·H2O 95 request
IL 8835 Lithium-6Li Nitrate LiNO3 95 request
IL 8840 Lithium-6Li Perchlorate LiClO4 95 request
IL 8845 Lithium-6Li Sulfate Li2SO4 95 request



Icon Isotopes : Multiply-Labeled Compounds

Multiply-Labeled Compounds

ICON provides the largest range of multiply-labeled compounds available anywhere. If you
should have any requirements not covered by our catalogued materials, you need only inquire.

Cat.No. Compound Formula Atom % Std Pkg Size
IM6502 Acetic Acid-1,2-12C2;d4 CD3CO2D 99.9:98 0.5g
IM6503 Acetic Acid-1-13C;d4 CD3CO2D 99:98 0.5g
IM6504 Acetic Acid-2-13C;d4 CD3CO2D 99:98 0.5g
IM6505 Acetone-1,3-13C2;d6 CD3COCD3 99:98 0.5g
IM6506 Acetone-1,2,3-12C3;d6 CD3COCD3 99.9:98 0.25g
IM6510 Acetonitrile-1,2-12C;d3 CD3CN 99.9:98 0.5g
IM6511 Acetonitrile-15N;d3 CD3CN 99:98 0.5g
IM6512 Acetonitrile-1-13C;d3 CD3CN 99:98 0.5g
IM6520 DL-Alanine-15N;18O CH3CH(NH2)CO2H 99:98 0.25g
IM6521 L-Alanine-3-13C;3,3,3-d3 CD3CH(NH2)COOH 99:98 0.5g
IM6522 L-Alanine-1,2,3-13C3; 15N CH3CH2(NH2)COOH 99:99 request price
IM6525 Ammonia-15N;d3 ND3 99:98 100ml
IM6530 Ammonium Chloride-15N;d4 ND4Cl 99:98 1.0g
IM6536 Ammonium Sulfate-15N2;d8 (ND4)2SO4 99:98 1.0g
IM6540 Bromoethane-1,2-12C2;d5 CD3CD2Br 99.9:98 1.0g
IM6542 3-Bromopropionic Acid-1-13C;d4 BrCD2CD2COOH 99:98 1.0g
IM6545 *Carbon Dioxide-12C;17O CO2 99.9:30* 100ml / 250ml
IM6546 Carbon Dioxide-12C;18O CO2 99.9:98 100ml
IM6547 *Carbon Dioxide-13C; 17O CO2 99:35* request price
IM6548 Carbon Dioxide-13C;18O CO2 99:98 100ml
IM6550 *Carbon Monoxide-12C; 17O CO 99.9:30* 100ml
IM6551 Carbon Monoxide-12C;18O CO 99.9:98 100ml
IM6552 Carbon Monoxide-13C;18O CO 99:98 100ml / 250ml
IM6553 Creatine-1-15N;d3 (N-methyl-d3) H2NC(NH)N(CD3)CH2CO2H 99:98 1.0g
IM6554 Creatine-2-13C;2,3-15N2 H2NC(NH)N(CD3)CH2CO2H 99:99 1.0g
IM6555 Cuprous Cyanide-13C;15N CuCN 99:99 0.5g
IM6560 Cyanamide-13C;15N2 NCNH2 99:99 1.0g
IM6562 L-Cysteine-U-13C;15N HSCH2CH(NH2)COOH 99:99 0.1g
IM6565 Deuterium Oxide-17O;d D2O 20:Various 1.0g
IM6570 1,2-Dibromoethane-1,2-12C2;d4 BrCD2CD2Br 99.9:98 1.0g
IM6580 Ethylene-1,2-13C2;d4 Oxide CD2CD2O 99:98 100ml
IM6600 Fluoromethane-13C;d3 CD3F 99.98 100ml
IM6602 FMOC-Glycine-2-13C;15N FMOC-NHCH2CO2H 99:99 1.0g
IM6605 Formamide-13C;15N HCONH2 99:99 0.25g
IM6606 Formamidine Acetate-13C;15N2 HC(NH)NH2·CH3COOH 99:99 1.0g
IM6610 Formic Acid-13C;OD HCOOD 99:98 0.5g
IM6611 Formic Acid-12C;d DCOOH 99:98 0.5g
IM6614 L-Glutamine-U-13C5;U-15N2 H2NCO(CH2)2CH(NH2)CO2H 99:99 0.5g
IM6615 Glycine-1-13C;15N NH2CH2CO2H 99:99 0.5g
IM6616 Glycine-2-13C;15N NH2CH2CO2H 99:99 low
IM6617 Glycine-1,2-13C2;15N NH2CH2CO2H 99:99 request price
IM6619 Guanidinium Bromide-13C;15N3 H2NC(NH)NH2·HBr 99:99 1.0g
IM6629 L-Histidine-U-13C6;
98:98 request price
IM6630 DL-Histidine-2-13C;3,3-d2 99:98 request price
IM6685 Lithium-6Li Nitride-15N 6Li315N 96:99 0.5g
IM6720 Methane-13C; d1 CH3D 99:98 100ml
IM6721 Methane-13C; d4 CD4 99:98 100ml
IM6725 L-Methionine (methy-13C; d3) CD3S(CH2)2CH(NH2)CO2H 99:98 1.0g
IM6726 L-Methionine-U-13C6; 15N CH3S(CH2)2CH(NH2)CO2H 98:98 1.0g
IM6730 Methyl Alcohol-13C; d4 CD3OD 99:98 1.0g
IM6731 Methyl Alcohol-18O; d3 CD3OH 98:98 request price
IM6735 Methyl-d3 Amine-15N·HCl CD3NH2·HCl 98:99 0.5g
IM6740 Methyl Iodide-12C; d3 CD3I 99.9:98 5.0g
IM6741 Methyl Iodide-13C; d3 CD3I 99:98 2.0g
IM6748 Nitric Oxide-15N; 18O NO 99:60 100ml
IM6775 Paraformaldehyde-13C; d2 (CD2O)x 99:98 0.5g
IM6780 DL-Phenylalanine-1-13C; 15N C6H5CH2CH(NH2)CO2H 99:99 request price
IM6783 Potassium Carbonate-13C; 18O3 K2CO3 99:98 request price
IM6785 Potassium Cyanide-13C; 15N KCN 99:99 0.5g
IM6788 Potassium Nitrate-15N; 18O3 KNO3 99:98 request price
IM6790 L-Proline-U-13C6; 15N 98 :98 request price
IM6830 L-Serine-U-13C3; 15N HOCH2CH(NH2)COOH 98:98 0.5g
IM6845 Sodium Acetate-1-13C; d3 CD3CO2Na 99:98 1.0g
IM6846 Sodium Acetate-2-13C; d3 CD3CO2Na 99:98 1.0g
IM6850 Sodium Cyanide-13C; 15N NaCN 99:99 0.5g
IM6855 Sodium Nitrate-15N; 18O NaNO3 99:98 0.5g
IM6856 Sodium Nitrite-15N; 18O NaNO2 99:90 0.5g
IM6860 Sodium Propionate-1-13C; 18O2 CH3CH2COONa 99:98 request price
IM6862 Sodium Sulfate-34S; 18O Na2SO4 0.5g
IM6868 Thiourea-13C; 15N2 NH2CSNH2 99:99 0.5g
IM6870 L-Threonine-U-13C4; 15N CH3CH(OH)CH(NH2)COOH 98:98 0.5g
IM6873 2,4,6-Trinitrotoluene-U-13C7;


CH3C6H2(NO2)3 99:99 request price
IM6875 L-Tryptophan-U-13C11; U-15N2 (C8H6N)CH2CH(NH2)CO2H 98:98 0.5g
IM6878 Urea-12C; d4 ND2COND2 99.9:98 0.5g
IM6879 Urea-13C; d4 ND2COND2 99:98 0.5g
IM6880 Urea-13C; 15N2 NH2CONH2 99:99 0.5g
IM6881 Urea-13C; d4; 15N2 ND2COND2 99:98:99 request price
IM6900 L-Valine-1-13C; 15N (CH3)2CHCH(NH2)COOH 99:99 0.25g

* Click HERE for specific packaging information.



Icon Isotopes : Nitrogen-15 Compounds

Nitrogen 15 Compounds

(natural abundance 0.365%)

Normally Nitrogen-15 is produced by separation of the naturally occurring element. Nitric oxide is the material of choice when separating Nitrogen-15. Enrichment is available to 99.9 atom%. Nitrogen-15 is used in a broad spectrum of research, including the use of simple salts in various agricultural applications to complex amino acids in medical research.

Cat.No. Compound Formula Atom % Std Pkg Size
IN 5009 *Acetonitrile-15N CH3CN 99 0.5g
IN 5020 Allantoin-U-15N4 97 1.0g
IN 5025 *Ammonia Gas-15N NH3 99 100ml / 250ml
/ 1000ml
IN 5030 Ammonium Bromide-15N NH4Br 99 1.0g
IN 5037 *Ammonium Chloride-15N NH4Cl 99 1.0g
IN 5045 Ammonium Hydroxide-15N
(20% Aqueous)
NH4OH 99 5.0g
IN 5050 Ammonium-15N Nitrate NH4NO3 99 1.0g
IN 5057 Ammonium Nitrate15N NH4NO3 99 1.0g
IN 5060 Ammonium-15N Nitrate-15N NH4NO3 5 50g / 250g
IN 5062 Ammonium-15N Nitrate-15N NH4NO3 99 1.0g
IN 5063 *Ammonium-15N Nitrate-15N NH4NO3 10 1g
IN 5072 Ammonium Sulfate-15N (NH4)2SO4 5 50g / 250g
IN 5074 *Ammonium Sulfate-15N (NH4)2SO4 99 1.0g
IN 9551 L-Arginine-a-15N·HCl 99 1.0g
IN 9555 L-Arginine- guanidino-15N·HCl 99 1.0g
IN 5115 n-Butylamine-15N C4H9NH2 99 1.0g
IN 5125 Choline-Chloride-15N HOCH2CH2N(CH3)3Cl 99 1.0g
IN 9590 L-Cysteine-15N HSCH2CH(NH2)COOH 99 1.0g
IN 9595 L-Cystine-15N 99 1.0g
IN 9610 Cytosine-1,3-15N2 99 1.0g
IN 5148 N-N-Dimethylformamide-15N HCON(CH3)2 99 0.5g
IN 5156 Ethylenediamine-15N2 (CH2NH2)2·2HCl 98 0.5g
IN 5225 DL-Glutamic Acid-15N HOOCCH2CH2CH(NH2)COOH 99 1.0g
IN 5260 L-Histidine-a-15N 99 1.0g
IN 5261 DL-Histidine-a-15N 99 1.0g
IN 5263 L-Histidine (U-Ring) 15N2 99 1.0g
IN 5265 DL-Histidine (U-Ring) 15N2 99 0.25g
IN 5270 Hydrazine Sulfate-15N N2H4·H2SO4 99 0.5g / 1.0g
IN 5280 Hydroxylamine·HCl-15N NH2OH·HCl 99 0.25g / 0.5g
IN 5421 L-Leucine-15N (CH3)2CHCH2CH(NH2)COOH 99 1.0g
IN 5440 DL-Lysine-a-15N·HCl HCl·NH2(CH2)4CH(NH2)COOH 99 0.5g
IN 5441 L-Lysine-a-15N·HCl HCl·NH2(CH2)4CH(NH2)COOH 99 1.0g
IN 5461 L-Methionine-15N CH3S(CH2)2CH(NH2)COOH 99 0.5g
IN 5486 Nitric Acid-15N
(approx. 50% Aqueous)
HNO3 99 1.0g
Contained Acid
IN 5501 Nitrogen Gas-15N N2 99 100ml / 250ml / 1000ml
IN 5510 Nitromethane-15N CH3NO2 99 0.5g
IN 5515 Nitrous Oxide-15N2 N2O 99 100ml / 250ml
IN 5521 L-Phenylalanine-15N C6H5CH2CH(NH2)CO2H 99 1.0g
IN 5525 Phthalimide-15N C6H4(CO)2NH 99 2.0g
IN 5540 *Potassium Cyanide-15N KCN 99 0.5g / 1.0g
IN 5545 Potassium Nitrate-15N KNO3 5 50g / 100g
IN 5547 *Potassium Nitrate-15N KNO3 99 1.0g / 2.0g
IN 5550 Potassium Nitrite-15N KNO2 99 1.0g
IN 5555 Potassium Phthalimide-15N C6H4(CO)2NK 99 1.0g
IN 5560 Potassium Thiocyanate-15N KCNS 99 0.5g
IN 5722 Silver Nitrate-15N AgNO3 99 1.0g
IN 5725 Sodium Azide-15N (Terminally Labeled) NaNNN 99 1.0g
IN 5726 Sodium Azide-15N3 Na3N3 99 request price
IN 5736 *Sodium Nitrate-15N NaNO3 99 1.0g
IN 5737 Sodium Nitrite-15N NaNO2 99 0.5g
IN 5770 Trimethylamine-15N·HCl (CH3)3N·HCl 99 1.0g
IN 5775 L-Tryptophan-a-15N 99 request price
IN 5779 L-Tryptophan-U-15N2 99 1.0g
IN 5790 Urea-15N2 NH2CONH2 5 10g / 100g
IN 5792 *Urea-15N2 NH2CONH2 99 0.5g / 1.0g

* These Compounds are also available multiply-labeled.



Icon Isotopes : Noble Gas Isotopes

Noble Gas isotopes

Cat.No. Compound Formula Atom % Std Pkg Size
Helium-3 (natural abundance 1.3x10-4)
Research quantities supplied in high vacuum breakseals
IR 8000 Helium-3 3He 99.9 1000ml
IR 8025 Helium-3 3He 99.9995 1000ml
Research quantities supplied in cylinders to client specifications
IR 8050 Helium-3 3He 99.9 per liter
IR 8075 Helium-3 3He 99.9995 per liter

Helium-3 can be supplied in customer cylinder, but due to leak testing and cleaning procedures, an $85 service charge is imposed. Icon can provide a wide range of stainless steel, carbon steel, and specialty steel cylinders and valves to meet the customer's pressure, size, and flow requirements.

BULK QUANTITIES: Icon is capable of supplying your bulk requirements. Delivery can be as-required and is subject to a specific call-off rate where required. Please contact our sales office for a specific quotation.

FOREIGN ORDERS: Exportation of Helium-3 requires an Export License, issued by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Icon is experienced in the requirements for these licenses and will gladly advise prospective clients.

IR 8101 Argon-36 (0.337%) 36Ar 99.5 100ml
IR 8150 Argon-38 (0.063%) 38Ar 95 10ml
IR 8175 Argon-40 (99.6%) 40Ar 99.95 25 Liter
IR 8201 Neon-20 (90.92%) 20Ne 99.95 1000ml
IR 8250 Neon-21 (0.26%) 21Ne 90 10ml
IR 8275 Neon-22 (8.82%) 22Ne 99.9 1000ml
IR 8301 *Krypton-78 (0.354%) 78Kr 8 100ml
IR 8310 Krypton-78 (0.354%) 78Kr 99 10ml
IR 8320 *Krypton-80 (2.27%) 80Kr 90 10ml
IR 8330 *Krypton-82 (11.56%) 82Kr 40 100ml
IR 8340 Krypton-82 (11.56%) 82Kr 90 10ml
IR 8350 Krypton-83 (11.55%) 83Kr 70 10ml
IR 8360 Krypton-84 (56.90%) 84Kr 90 100ml
IR 8370 Krypton-86 (17.37%) 86Kr 99 100ml
IR 8401 *Xenon-124 (0.096%) 124Xe 1 100ml
IR 8410 Xenon-124 (0.096%) 124Xe 50 10ml
IR 8420 Xenon-126 (0.090%) 126Xe 2 10ml
IR 8430 *Xenon-129 (26.44%) 129Xe 80 100ml
IR 8440 Xenon-131 (21.18%) 131Xe 80 10ml
IR 8450 Xenon-134 (10.44%) 134Xe 50 10ml
IR 8460 *Xenon-136 (8.87%) 136Xe 99 10ml

* Other enrichments are also available please inquire.

Helium-Neon Laser Gas Mixtures

Icon specializes in preparing stable laser mixtures with Helium-3/Neon components. Full analysis of each mixture ensures the isotopic ratios and chemical analysis. Mixtures are specifically quoted.

Reference Standards

Icon can supply any of its materials listed previously, in precision sample tubes as specified or as supplied by the client. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.




Icon Isotopes : Oxygen 16 Compounds

Oxygen 16 Compounds

(natural abundance 99.759 %)

Cat.No. Compound Formula Atom % Std Pkg Size
IO 6050 Oxygen Gas-16O2 O2 99.98 1000ml
IO 6060 Water-16O H2O 99.98 10g




Icon Isotopes : Oxygen 17 Compounds

Oxygen 17 Compounds

(natural abundance 0.037%)

Cat.No. Compound Formula Atom % Std Pkg Size
IO 6118 *Carbon Dioxide-17O2 CO2 30 100ml / 250ml
IO 6119 Carbon Dioxide-17O2 CO2 50 100ml / 250ml
IO 6120 **Carbon Dioxide-17O2 CO2 **60 100ml
IO 6186 Oxygen Gas-17O2 O2 30 100ml / 250ml
IO 6187 Oxygen Gas-17O2 O2 50 100ml / 250ml
IO 6191 **Oxygen Gas-17O2 O2 **90 100ml / 250ml
IO 6240 Water-17O H2O 10 1.0g
IO 6241 Water-17O H2O 20 1.0g
IO 6242 Water-17O H2O 30 0.5g / 1.0g
IO 6247 Water-17O H2O 40 0.5g / 1.0g
IO 6243 Water-17O H2O 50 0.5g / 1.0g
IO 6244 Water-17O H2O 60 0.25g / 0.5g
IO 6246 **Water-17O H2O **90 0.25g / 0.5g

* These Compounds are also available multiply-labeled.
** Higher Enrichments can be produced - please inquire.



Icon Isotopes : Oxygen 18 Compounds

Oxygen 18 Compounds

(natural abundance 0.204%)

Normally Oxygen-18 is normally produced by separation of the naturally occuring element. Nitric oxide is usually the material of choice when isolating Oxygen-18. We offer a wide range of compounds labeled with Oxygen-18, along with the basic water and gas forms as well.

Cat.No. Compound Formula Atom % Std Pkg Size
IO 6257 Acetic Acid-18O2 CH3COOH 90 0.5g
IO 6260 Ammonium Nitrate-18O3 NH4NO3 50 1.0g
IO 6266 Benzoic Acid-18O2 C6H5COOH 95 0.5g
IO 6282 * Carbon Dioxide-18O2 CO2 99 100ml / 250ml
IO 6287 * Carbon Monoxide-18O CO 99 100ml / 250ml
IO 6310 Ethanol-18O C2H5OH 97 0.5g
IO 6315 Glycine-18O2 NH2CH2CO2H 90 0.5g
IO 6325 Hydrogen Peroxide-18O2
(2-2.4% soln)
H2O2 90 1.0g
IO 6325sp Hydrogen Peroxide-18O2
(10% soln)
H2O2 90 Request
IO 6370 DL-Leucine-18O2 (CH3)2CHCH2CH(NH2)CO2H 97 0.25g
IO 6375 Mercuric Oxide-18O HgO 90 1.0g
IO 6380 * Methyl Alcohol-18O CH3OH 95 0.5g
IO 6393 Oxygen Gas-18O2 O2 99 100ml / 250ml
IO 6445 Silicon Dioxide-18O2 SiO2 90 0.2g
IO 6450 Sodium Carbonate-18O3 Na2CO3 90 0.5g
IO 6453 Sodium Nitrite-18O2 NaNO2 90 by request
IO 6455 Sodium Perchlorate-18O4 NaClO4 95 1mg/5mg
IO 6460 Sodium Sulfate-18O4 NaSO4 95 0.5g
IO 6470 Sulfuric Acid-(85/90%)-18O4 H2SO4 90 by request
IO 6485 Water-18O (Normalized) H2O 1.5 100g
IO 6486 Water-18O (Normalized) H2O 10 5.0g / 25g
IO 6490 Water-18O (Normalized) H2O 99 1.0g

* These Compounds are also available multiply-labeled.



Icon Isotopes : Sulfur-34 Compounds

Sulfur-34 Compounds

(natural abundance 4.22%)

Sulfur is becoming an increasingly important research tool for studying environmental pollution, for ecological, medical, and biomedical research.

Cat.No. Compound Formula Atom % Std Pkg Size
IS 7109 Sulfur S 90 request
IS 7130 Thiourea NH2CSNH2 90 request




Icon Isotopes : Nitrogen-15 Compounds in Agricultural Applications

Nitrogen-15 Compounds in Agricultural Applications

Stable isotopes as Nitrogen-15 have been used in the
following areas of agricultural research:

  1. Studying the turnover of nitrogen in soil

  2. Determining the distribution of applied nitrogen in soil organic matter

  3. Studying soil organic matter composition and degradation

  4. Measuring uptake and use of fertilizer nitrogen

  5. Measuring recovery of nitrogen in crop residues by plants

  6. Following nitrogen movements in soils

  7. Measuring nitrogen loss

  8. Studying dentrification

  9. Studying environmental aspects of nitrogen use

  10. Studying the degradation of organic chemicals added to soils

  11. Identifying and comparing biological systems that fix atmospheric nitrogen

  12. Measuring biological nitrogen fixation

  13. Following distribution of nitrogen among plant parts

  14. Studying nitrogen metabolism in plants

Icon is geared both technically and quantitatively to service the research needs of the agronomist and soil scientist in Nitrogen-15 research. Our personnel have been involved in supplying 15N for most of the larger field trials in recent years, and this experience enables us to adapt our production to meet most requirements. The more commonly used compounds are detailed in this catalog. We will also blend to specific enrichments upon request.

Material Form

The most common form is as crystalline powder; however, material can be
supplied in solution form and as pellets.

Order Placement Program

We realize that requirements are of a seasonal nature, and as such, can create an excessive demand on our raw material and synthetic capabilities.

To ensure the timely receipt of materials ordered from Icon, we offer a Material Hold Program, whereby the requirements of researchers are stockpiled ahead of time and therefore can be shipped immediately upon demand should weather conditions break or threaten to affect application plans. (We regretfully must stipulate that this applies to catalog-listed enrichments only).


Icon Isotopes : Conditions of Sale

The following conditions apply to and are deemed to be incorporated in all contracts made by Icon unless the contrary is expressly and specifically agreed in writing by Icon. They apply for the benefit of Icon and its employees. They exclude any terms or conditions proffered by Customer. Delaware law shall apply.

  1. Prices for Icon products are FOB Dexter, Michigan (US). Given the nature of these materials, prices are subject to fluctuation and should be confirmed at time of sale.

    Prices quoted are exclusive of any applicable local, state, or Federal taxes.

    In the case of export of Icon products, the Client shall confirm - prior to ordering, that they have procured any necessary import licenses or permissions.

    Prices when given in Icon products price lists are intended as indications only. The specific price for any Icon product will be quoted by fax, phone, or Email in response to order inquiries.

    If at any time Icon's costs change due to Government action or as a consequence of Government legislation or regulations, Icon reserves the right to adjust the price to take into account any such changes in the costs of providing such products.

  2. Where no other terms of payment have been specified, Icon's terms of payment are net 30 days in the currency specified on the invoice.

    If any payment on the Client's account is in arrears, Icon reserves the right to discontinue forthwith the provision of and further supply of Icon products to the client under contract.

  3. The Client is responsible for taking all proper and necessary precautions for the storage, handling, and use of products supplied by Icon, and for complying with all relevant statuatory requirements and obligations. We recommend:

    These materials should only be handled by trained personnel who are also familiar with the potential hazards.

    The appropriate precautions should be taken in the handling, use, and the disposal of all Icon products.

    All materials offered for sale by Icon on this website, in its printed literature, or by special quotation, are produced and provided as research chemicals only, and as such, are not intended for use in/on humans. The appropriate government regulatory agency approval(s) must be secured for any human research.

    In the absence of any special arrangements to the contrary, it is the Client's responsibility to ensure that the nature, capacity, and performance of the Icon products ordered by them are appropriate to, sufficient for, and suitable for their purposes.

  4. Icon products are supplied in non-returnable and non-reusable (non-refillable) containers unless otherwise specified.

  5. Icon products shall remain the property of Icon until the whole of the contract price has been paid, but after delivery, the Client shall be responsible for and shall indemnify Icon against all loss or damage to the product(s) regardless, and from whatever cause.

  6. All telephone orders in excess of $500 (US) shall be confirmed by the Client in writing, and shall be subject to the(se) conditions upon which the Client has an account with Icon for the manufacture and supply of products. Unless contrary to such confirmation, Icon's records of the telephone order shall apply to the terms of sale.

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  8. The Client should carefully check Icon products as to their quantity and quality upon receipt, and must notify Icon in the events of any deficiencies within seven days of their delivery.

    When such notification is made, the Client is required to to retain the Icon product(s) and their original packing until Icon informs the Client as to the disposition and handling of the material(s).

    In cases of exported products, if the Client has not received any Icon product(s) within 14 days of their receipt of the advice note, they should notify Icon immediately so that a claim may be investigated on their behalf.

    Product(s) may only be returned subsequent to prior notification and permission. In such an instance, an acknowledgement and acceptance advice number will be issued to the Client.

  9. Icon products are warranted to be free of patent or other industrial property restrictions as supplied.

  10. Limited Warranty: Icon warrants at the time of shipment that the product(s) is as described to the Client. No warranty is expressed or implied as to fitness for any particular purpose (which is the responsibility of the Client). Maximum liability for any and all reasons shall be limited to the refunding of the invoice price(s) for the respective products or replacement of the product(s).

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  12. If a Client requires Icon products to be produced to their own custom specifications or special requirements, Icon shall endeavor to supply such products, but reserves the right to cancel the order at any time if in its judgement or opinion the order cannot be fulfilled, and in the instance of such cancellation of the Client's order, it is understood that Icon shall not be subject to any liability.

    As regards the supply of such Icon products, no warranty is given or implied, and the Client shall accept full liability and responsibility with respect to any infringement of patent(s) or other industrial property rights, and agrees to indemnify Icon against all claims, losses, or costs as such that may arise therefrom.



Icon Isotopes : Catalog Explanation

Catalog Explanation

This catalog lists compounds under each stable isotope in alphabetical order. A specific catalog number has been assigned to each compound. A typical example:

Cat.No. Compound Formula Atom % Packaging
Std Pkg Size
IC 3005 Acetaldehyde-1-13C CH3CHO 99 6 0.5g

  1. The Specific Catalog Number
  2. Compound and Position of Isotope Label
  3. Chemical Formula with Labeled Position in Bold Print
  4. The Minimum Isotope Enrichment
  5. Standard Package Used for this Product
  6. Standard Package in which Product is supplied



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