Stable Isotopes and Labeled Compounds  

Nitrogen-15 Compounds in Agricultural Applications

Stable isotopes as Nitrogen-15 have been used in the
following areas of agricultural research:

  1. Studying the turnover of nitrogen in soil

  2. Determining the distribution of applied nitrogen in soil organic matter

  3. Studying soil organic matter composition and degradation

  4. Measuring uptake and use of fertilizer nitrogen

  5. Measuring recovery of nitrogen in crop residues by plants

  6. Following nitrogen movements in soils

  7. Measuring nitrogen loss

  8. Studying dentrification

  9. Studying environmental aspects of nitrogen use

  10. Studying the degradation of organic chemicals added to soils

  11. Identifying and comparing biological systems that fix atmospheric nitrogen

  12. Measuring biological nitrogen fixation

  13. Following distribution of nitrogen among plant parts

  14. Studying nitrogen metabolism in plants

Icon is geared both technically and quantitatively to service the research needs of the agronomist and soil scientist in Nitrogen-15 research. Our personnel have been involved in supplying 15N for most of the larger field trials in recent years, and this experience enables us to adapt our production to meet most requirements. The more commonly used compounds are detailed in this catalog. We will also blend to specific enrichments upon request.

Material Form

The most common form is as crystalline powder; however, material can be
supplied in solution form and as pellets.

Order Placement Program

We realize that requirements are of a seasonal nature, and as such, can create an excessive demand on our raw material and synthetic capabilities.

To ensure the timely receipt of materials ordered from Icon, we offer a Material Hold Program, whereby the requirements of researchers are stockpiled ahead of time and therefore can be shipped immediately upon demand should weather conditions break or threaten to affect application plans. (We regretfully must stipulate that this applies to catalog-listed enrichments only).


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