Stable Isotopes and Labeled Compounds  

Conditions of Sale

The following conditions apply to and are deemed to be incorporated in all contracts made by Icon unless the contrary is expressly and specifically agreed in writing by Icon. They apply for the benefit of Icon and its employees. They exclude any terms or conditions proffered by Customer. Delaware law shall apply.

  1. Prices for Icon products are FOB Saugerties. New York lab or Summit. New Jersey (US). Given the nature of these materials, prices are subject to fluctuation and should be confirmed at time of sale.

    Prices quoted are exclusive of any applicable local, state, or Federal taxes.

    In the case of export of Icon products, the Client shall confirm - prior to ordering, that they have procured any necessary import licenses or permissions.

    Prices when given in Icon products price lists are intended as indications only. The specific price for any Icon product will be quoted by fax, phone, or Email in response to order inquiries.

    If at any time Icon's costs change due to Government action or as a consequence of Government legislation or regulations, Icon reserves the right to adjust the price to take into account any such changes in the costs of providing such products.

  2. Where no other terms of payment have been specified, Icon's terms of payment are net 30 days in the currency specified on the invoice.

    If any payment on the Client's account is in arrears, Icon reserves the right to discontinue forthwith the provision of and further supply of Icon products to the client under contract.

  3. The Client is responsible for taking all proper and necessary precautions for the storage, handling, and use of products supplied by Icon, and for complying with all relevant statuatory requirements and obligations. We recommend:

    These materials should only be handled by trained personnel who are also familiar with the potential hazards.

    The appropriate precautions should be taken in the handling, use, and the disposal of all Icon products.

    All materials offered for sale by Icon on this website, in its printed literature, or by special quotation, are produced and provided as research chemicals only, and as such, are not intended for use in/on humans. The appropriate government regulatory agency approval(s) must be secured for any human research.

    In the absence of any special arrangements to the contrary, it is the Client's responsibility to ensure that the nature, capacity, and performance of the Icon products ordered by them are appropriate to, sufficient for, and suitable for their purposes.

  4. Icon products are supplied in non-returnable and non-reusable (non-refillable) containers unless otherwise specified.

  5. Icon products shall remain the property of Icon until the whole of the contract price has been paid, but after delivery, the Client shall be responsible for and shall indemnify Icon against all loss or damage to the product(s) regardless, and from whatever cause.

  6. All telephone orders in excess of $500 (US) shall be confirmed by the Client in writing, and shall be subject to the(se) conditions upon which the Client has an account with Icon for the manufacture and supply of products. Unless contrary to such confirmation, Icon's records of the telephone order shall apply to the terms of sale.

  7. Icon's policy is to fulfill all Client orders promptly, and in general, to ship orders on the same day as received, but shall not be liable if the Client should suffer loss through any delay in delivery or failure of delivery.

  8. The Client should carefully check Icon products as to their quantity and quality upon receipt, and must notify Icon in the events of any deficiencies within seven days of their delivery.

    When such notification is made, the Client is required to to retain the Icon product(s) and their original packing until Icon informs the Client as to the disposition and handling of the material(s).

    In cases of exported products, if the Client has not received any Icon product(s) within 14 days of their receipt of the advice note, they should notify Icon immediately so that a claim may be investigated on their behalf.

    Product(s) may only be returned subsequent to prior notification and permission. In such an instance, an acknowledgement and acceptance advice number will be issued to the Client.

  9. Icon products are warranted to be free of patent or other industrial property restrictions as supplied.

  10. Limited Warranty: Icon warrants at the time of shipment that the product(s) is as described to the Client. No warranty is expressed or implied as to fitness for any particular purpose (which is the responsibility of the Client). Maximum liability for any and all reasons shall be limited to the refunding of the invoice price(s) for the respective products or replacement of the product(s).

  11. The Client agrees to indemnify Icon and its employees or agents against any claim, any action, or any loss, damage, or injury:

    howsoever arising on the Client's premises (save to the extent that such incident or instance is proven to be directly caused by the negligence of Icon, its employees, or agents), or--

    arising out of any breach by the Client of any condition or provision of this contract of sale, or--

    caused or contributed to by the negligence or default of the Client, or its employees, or agents, or any other persons under its control directly or indirectly.

  12. If a Client requires Icon products to be produced to their own custom specifications or special requirements, Icon shall endeavor to supply such products, but reserves the right to cancel the order at any time if in its judgement or opinion the order cannot be fulfilled, and in the instance of such cancellation of the Client's order, it is understood that Icon shall not be subject to any liability.

    As regards the supply of such Icon products, no warranty is given or implied, and the Client shall accept full liability and responsibility with respect to any infringement of patent(s) or other industrial property rights, and agrees to indemnify Icon against all claims, losses, or costs as such that may arise therefrom.


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